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Angelic Abundance Alignment Game

$1k in 7 Days

This an invitation and Magical Game to open you to

Releasing Blocks and receive more.

Unlock your Higher Power to abundance

so you can take inspired action to grow your business successfully!

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What is the angelic abundance alignment Game?

This game uses my three signature system, the Sacred 3 Pillars: Balance. Purpose. Prosper

For lean business startup yet lucrative, soulfully created from an empowered place.

A unique blend of the three most important aspects in creating and building your SUSTAINABLE foundation for your business.

When you play the Angelic Abundance Alignment Game you will:  

  • Understand that you can become a Magical Manifesting Machine. The missing piece in Graduate Schools and Spiritual Community.

  • Activate your Higher Power !

  • Learn how Angelic Abundance Prosperity Tools can boost your vision to life

  • How to identify Business or Money blocks 

  • The most powerful mindset for success

  • One powerful skill that will help you transform 180 degrees

  • Transform marketing nightmare

  • Change your Money Stories and attract soulmate clients on the spot 

  • Develop one skill that will take your clients on a deeper level to create loyalty and natural referrals


The Details

The Angelic Abundance Alignment Game is designed so can move the needle in your business now

$1k in 7 Days

This game is hosted by Angelic Business Academy and begins March 12th. 

You will receive:  

  • 1 Live Workshop Training in our private Facebook group

  • 7 daily training emails to guide you through my signature system 

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