Neelam Rai
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Heal to Prosper!

become prosperous from the inside out!

With Neelam: The Angelic Business Mentor

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Are you ready to release abundance blocks, limiting beliefs and unlock your power?

Are you ready to step into a life filled with prosperity, joy, happiness, success and fulfillment?

Neelam Rai is an Intuitive Business & Success Coach and an Angelic Master Healer of over 2 decades. She personally has helped over 100s of Wellness Coaches, Healers and Entrepreneurs who get Instant Angelic Miracles to gain clarity and release energetic abundance blocks.

What sets her apart is that she is more than a Business or Spiritual Life Coach. All of her Intuitive coaching & Abundance Clearing offers are based on the premises of creating breakthroughs in both your Personal, Spiritual and Business Growth. Your Personal & Business guide are standing by to share all the amazing things in store for you. Let’s connect.


As seen in: thrive global and ReiKi rays


SOULFUL coaches
“it is not the school's job to teach how to boost your self-esteem and confidence. time to feel empowered.”

Are you an altruistic health coach who values depth, integrity, and intuition? Are you driven to change the paradigm? Perhaps you are a busy parent like me and craving the freedom, flexibility, and the ability to do the things you love, but feelings of guilt or fear are holding you back? 

“Let go of fear and complexity. live abundantly.”

Are you a small business entrepreneur looking to regain focus, gain more energy & align your life’s purpose with your strategy? Do you sometimes feel afraid to take the next step because things are getting too complicated? As a visionary, do you have too much responsibility and not enough time for self & family?


“Raise your practice to a higher level, strengthen your confidence and technique."

Are you a Healer and Do you feel emotionally & physically drained? Do you want to strengthen your confidence and technique, and become an even more impactful leader in your community?


Intuitive Business and

Success Coaching


Imagine, if you can trust your inner guidance every time, every day. Through my Intuitive Angelic Assessments, I tune into your hidden subconscious success and money blocks. For the past 20 years, I am been transforming my own abundance blocks, Mastering Manifestation with my Angelic Life-Force Healing©, I am blessed to share my Multi-Dimensional, 12-in-1 Healing Modality to help you heal to prosper in life and business through my three guiding principles in mind.

  • Balance (declutter your abundance & money blocks)

  • Purpose (Align and unlock your gifts)

  • Prosper (create a profitable and meaningful life)

  • Bonus: Master Manifestation with Angels


But don't take my word for it!

  I bring you my lifetime knowledge, tools, resources and training that’s needed for your ultimate success. But only you as a business owner can TAKE THE STEP to take your business and life to the next level.

 Here's what some of my clients who were seeking deep transformation had to say about their experience. 



"Neelam, words can’t describe the feeling I felt yesterday after our session. I am so ready to begin this journey. It is exactly what I need at this time in my life. You are truly a gifted and talented guide. Looking forward to seeing where this path leads me. Thank you!"

jolin boss (motivational speaker)

"I highly recommend Neelam, she is such a positive energy source, full of love and high vibration energy which heals the mind, body and spirit. Just from working with her for a week, I feel my body healing, my focus intensify and my overall well-being increase and got my first client within 2 weeks." "

Cristina Aroche (Spiritual Teacher)

"Thank you so much Neelam for the Angelic Reiki I received! It cleared my brain fog and I felt so..." Read More


I take a holistic approach to business. We will identify Success Mindset and Money Blocks.

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