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This is your moment…

to raise your Prosperity Consciousness and live at a higher level.

Heal to Prosper.

Welcome to World’s First Angelic Business Academy

Where Neelam and the Angels simply the complexities of Entrepreneurial Journey and Spirituality for you.


Master Money Mindset and Manifestation with Angels

You can be Spiritual and Wealthy!

Are you a Soulful Healer or Online Coach and need to uplevel your Money Mindset so you can Command 3 to 5K for your Signature Program?

There are so many moving pieces to starting a holistic practice. And there is no shortage of Information. But you live ones and have only so much time to swim alone in the information overload of Personal and Business Growth.

Neelam is a 3rd generation Spiritual Entrepreneur, holds double Masters and has helped over 100s of Wellness Coaches, Healers and Entrepreneurs who get Instant Angelic Miracles to gain clarity, release energetic imbalances and MONEY blocks.

What sets her apart is that she is more than a Business or Spiritual Life Coach. All of her Intuitive coaching & Abundance Clearing offers are based on the premises of creating breakthroughs in both your Personal, Spiritual and Business Growth.

But don't take HER word for it!

  Neelam brings you her lifetime knowledge, tools, resources and Advance Business and Spiritual Teaching training that’s needed for your ultimate success.

But only you as a business owner can TAKE THE STEP to take your business and life to the next level.

 Here's what some of her clients who were seeking deep Personal and Business transformation had to say about their experience. 



Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of connecting with Neelam Rai. Her guidance and healing sessions have given me a clear path and brought abundance into my business in the form of new clients! Thanks Neelam.

jolin boss (motivational speaker)

"I highly recommend Neelam, she is such a positive energy source, full of love and high vibration energy which heals the mind, body and spirit. Just from working with her for a week, I feel my body healing, my focus intensify and my overall well-being increase and got my first client within 2 weeks." "


I have followed Neelam for over a year now and been Angelic Business Member for just about a year! I continue to see growth by listening to her expertise with Angel Reiki and her help with answers to small business questions. In particular, addressing fear. Her calm nature helps to keep me grounded

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