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Unlock your gifts and

greatest potential

and create a business & life that you


with your Business Angel,

Neelam Rai in 6 months.


Your Business Coach, Speaker, Healer   Neelam Rai, The Intuitive Business Mentor,    Angelic Master Healer, Mindset Coach   As seen on: Reiki Rays, Thrive Global, Wellness and Business Summits

Your Business Coach, Speaker, Healer

Neelam Rai, The Intuitive Business Mentor,

Angelic Master Healer, Mindset Coach

As seen on: Reiki Rays, Thrive Global, Wellness and Business Summits


Master Manifestation and create Epic Impact Income!


Welcome dear Prosperous Friend.

You have stepped into your Entrepreneurial Role. Congratulations! I know life can bring some of our deepest fears and challenges into this Journey. Success is a Journey! Healing is a Journey ! Life is a journey and only you hold the map!

What if you can Co-Create your realities with ease, grace and flow with your personal and business guides?

What if you can start feeling completely Recharged, Healed, Balanced, Focused, knowing exactly what to do and when? What if you can BOOST your confidence in your work whether it be on online, Social Media live videos, your posts, Webinars or offline workshops, networking events to attract students and client that you’re meant to serve?

The Ancient Angelic Wisdom infused with Intuitive Business Coaching will help you unlock your truest potential, align you with your purpose that will give you the confidence, clarity, and focus. When you live in alignment, you can make the best use of your talents and gifts which will help you attract your soulmate clients in a way that fulfills you financially and creatively.

Are you ready to step into a life filled with happiness, success, and fulfillment? Are you ready to release abundance blocks, limiting beliefs and unlock your power? If you said yes, let’s connect.

LEt’s connect


success is a journey.

healing is a journey.

Choose your success path below


SOULFUL coach/seeker

”I am not sure where to begin”

You are super busy but this one hour power Angelic Psychic Session maybe all you need to gain clarity and Instant Angelic Miracle Healings.

wellness coach, healer

”I have invested in coaching programs and feeling overwhelmed”

You have taken your Certification program but missing the support on affordable investment to start and run a business.


“I am ready to Raise my practice to a higher level, strengthen my confidence and double my income"

You are ready to co-create with the cosmic team and Super Boost your: Personal Growth, Intuitive Abilities and Business Growth.

Keys to Master Manifestation!

Imagine, if you can trust your inner guidance every time, every day. Through my Intuitive Angelic Assessments, I tune into your hidden subconscious success and money blocks. For the past 20 years, I am been transforming my own abundance blocks, Mastering Manifestation with my Angelic Master Healings©, I am blessed to share my Multi-Dimensional, 12-in-1 Healing Modality to help you heal to prosper in life and business through my three guiding framework in mind.

  • Balance (declutter your abundance & money blocks)

  • Focus (Align and unlock your gifts)

  • Prosper (create a profitable and meaningful life)


But don't take my word for it!

  I bring you my lifetime knowledge, tools, resources and training that’s needed for your ultimate success. But only you as a business owner can TAKE THE STEP to take your business and life to the next level.

 Here's what some of my clients who were seeking deep transformation had to say about their experience. 



"Neelam, words can’t describe the feeling I felt yesterday after our session. I am so ready to begin this journey. It is exactly what I need at this time in my life. You are truly a gifted and talented guide. Looking forward to seeing where this path leads me. Thank you!"

jolin boss (motivational speaker)

"I highly recommend Neelam, she is such a positive energy source, full of love and high vibration energy which heals the mind, body and spirit. Just from working with her for a week, I feel my body healing, my focus intensify and my overall well-being increase and got my first client within 2 weeks." "

Cristina Aroche (Spiritual Teacher)

"Thank you so much Neelam for the Angelic Reiki I received! It cleared my brain fog and I felt so..." Read More


I take a holistic approach to business. We will identify Success Mindset and Money Blocks.

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