You have successfully enrolled into my Monthly Angelic Reiki®  & Money Reiki Healing Super Boost Package.

A huge part of your success depends on how much you believe in your possibilities and the action you take to improve your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Think focused & deliberate practice to manifest the life of your dreams. Here are the next steps you should take to access all of your tools and resources:

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STEP ONE: Join Our Private sanctuary

First, join our energetically charged, online sanctuary designed for you to receive your remote angelic healing boost & raise the vibrational frequency of your body so you can manifest the life of your dreams with ease while feeling fulfilled in each step of the process and not just the end result. Live superboost group healings will be conducted on two different Fridays each month. You will receive date & time updates inside the group.  

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STEP TWO: check out tools & resources

Next, once you are inside the membership group, check out all of the tools and resources available to you. Each month you will learn more about chakra assessments, healing and balancing, heart center awakening, DNA activations, spiritual awakening, Divine feminine alignment, Goddess - Mary Magdeline Energy, Mystical & Angelic Channeling, Energy Shifting, Centering & Grounding to Mother Earth for Material support, and so much more.

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sTEP THREE: live sessions & ENGAGEMENT

Keep an eye out for dates and times for your superboost which will occur on two different Fridays each month as a group healing session. In addition, I will continue to share all of the little known lessons captured from my 20 years of experience inside the group so you can have actionable steps to increase your happiness & success. Don't forget to engage inside the group to amplify a pathway for self-discovery free of anxiety & stress.

Note: If at any point, you wish to cancel your monthly subscription in PayPal, you can check out this link: How do I cancel my monthly subscription?