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6 Month Private Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to prioritize your time, serve your customers better, and clarify your vision, core purpose & OFFERINGS without feeling OVERWHELMED 

Did you realize that everything dissolves as you dissolve? 

Do you long to get your life together or get your finances squared? Are you struggling personally or professionally in running a healing practice or would like to gain more insights on running a thriving business? Running a small business is a lot of work, and you may feel like you are running out of resources. What are you currently sacrificing? Everything is energy. Even luck is energy. You must set aside the fear, doubt, and insecurity that comes with living predominantly in your mind.

Let me guide and ease your frustrations, so you can continue to shine & share your unique approach and services with the world. I have 15 years of experience as an accountant and financial analyst, so I understand the struggles and stress of running a small business very well. I've worked in both private education and healthcare industry. I've been overwhelmed. I've been scared. Then, I discovered what can happen when I combine the power of Reiki and integrated healing modalities with my financial background.  I discovered clarity in my vision. I had allowed the FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY to travel when I want, create my own schedule, and be present with my family. Today, I am available on those special moments and don’t let work take over my life. I feel empowered. This knowledge & experience has helped me turn the Reiki principles into actionable techniques small business owners can use to improve their business. 

I know you can be successful with my techniques, too, but you are going to need coaching. The success rate when people try to do this on their own is very low. You will need accountability and someone who doesn't let you quit on yourself. Save the stress to the expert. As your guide who has been there before, I will support you in creating a small business that fulfills your desires for your dream life. Isn't that exciting?

What Results Can I Expect?

My spiritual business coaching is unique because my techniques are a simple combination of knowledge (both spiritual and financial/business) and integrated healing modalities. Not only will you not feel overwhelmed, you will feel energized because you will have the tools to manage your time and your mind. I will help you create the perfect offerings and pricing for your business. You will discover effective ways to communicate with your tribe, in-person and online. Together, we will clarify your message and your core vision. The end result is increased customer satisfaction because you will understand how your unique gifts and talents translate into a business and life you love. 

What Will I Get During Spiritual Small Business Coaching:

You will learn how to prioritize your time, serve your customers better, and clarify your vision, core purpose & OFFERINGS without feeling OVERWHELMED through the following: 

  • 2-hour discovery session wherein we discuss your dream business and life, identify what may be holding you back so you can let go of fear, and come up with a plan to move forward. 
  • Five 1-hour private mentorship sessions good for 6 months (in-person or online) where we
    • Create the perfect offerings and pricing.
    • Tune in on your core message.
    • Evaluate best communication methods and channels for your tribe.
    • Discover tools and resources you can use to manage your time & resources to create a life of total alignment. 
    • Magnetize abundance in your career, personal growth, finance, family, health, and relationships.
  • Customized timeline created to bring your work into the world.
  • Customized meeting times & acceleration points. When you ready, we can accelerate quickly, we can do one call per week or space it out to ones a month. In other words, I meet you wherever you are on your journey to create your practice.
  • Unlimited email support for the length of our time together.
  • Personalized action steps and accountability.
  • Ask for a bonus (limited time offer and may not be available at all times, so please check)!

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