I wanted to let you know about the free upcoming Reiki virtual event called The Reiki Healing Summit 2019 which starts on May 20. It features 30 amazing Reiki teachers, practitioners, best-selling authors, and experts from all over the world.


You have the ability to access your Inner Light and expand it as the omnipotent source of healing, transformation, and unity.

As someone who already works with energy, whether it is Reiki and/or other types of energy practices, I’m sure you’ll find here valuable guidance toward enriching and transforming your life and the lives of others through Inner Light in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

A healed inner world means a healed outer world! Simple as that!

All healing, I think, is self-healing and yet, as we do this self-healing and we peel these layers of wounding away and we open up to these greater places of evolution and growth and expression; as we do that, we not only heal ourselves, but we heal the planet. We know that this is a principle, but it never gets old to speak that out loud because it’s very powerful. ‐ Donna DeNomme

Join the Reiki Healing Summit 2019
starts May 20


Reclaim your Inner Light to Build a Healed New World Together!

Book time in your calendar to make the most out of this free event.

See you there!