Angelic Business Mapping


Intuitive Guidance for Entrepreneurs, Health Coaches & Healers

Are you aware of your full potential and your gifts?

Do you want to raise your practice to a higher level, get the confirmations that you are on the right track and strengthen your confidence and technique, and become an even more impactful leader in your community?

Perhaps you ever wonder what is waiting for you in your future?

Are you ready to see what awaits YOU?

It's your time to Shine!

Starting August 1st, I will be offering my BAND NEW ANGELIC Business Mapping Sessions for those of you who are ready to step into your power, to open up the possibilities in your business and to explore the future that you had planned for yourself before you came here. 

What Results Can I Expect?

There will be 3 - one hour long Channeled sessions over the course of a month.  I will be channelling the guidance through Akashic Records and Collective Guides.

  • In the first session together I will take you on a spiritual journey of Akashic Records on the highest spiritual Angelic dimension. We will be given access to the Records and I will take you through guided experience through each of the doors to experience what I see and what I discover is meant for you. The doors will start at your immediate future and work all the way up through your future self, allowing us the information we need to see the full picture of your professional life. During this exploration we will also be connecting with Angelic Kingdom of Light/Source and your Higher Self so that you have the full view of your worldly impact here on Earth.

  • session one

    • This session is all about your present self!

    • Uncover your gifts and unlimited potentials

    • Regain clarity & focus that aligns with your soul purpose. 

    • Your life purpose and abilities

    • Take your business off ground! I map out what you need to focus on now in your business.

  • session two

    • Unlock your energy blockages that is holding you back. 

    • Soul integration and let go of fear.

    • Experience liberation and heal past

    • What does it look like when you connect to your true and higher self? 

    • Understand what ignites your fire.

  • session three

    • Your Future Self

    • Client Attraction - get answers to What, Where, How, When?

    • Visibility, platforms to share your services

    • Connecting you to uncover your signature program or services 

BONUSES ($1000) value)

  • Access to my VIP Membership Facebook Group that acts as a safe and supportive space for your journey Angelic Business Advancement Membership

  • My one month support through messenger or email.

  • Membership included Weekly Clearings, Digital Lessons, 5 guided meditation with Workbook, 6 weeks of Spiritual Guidance Topics

  • Weekly Energy Reading & Business Coaching

  • So, now you know have choice to between an individual session or the Intensive Biz Mapping.

60-Minute Psychic Business Guidance

  • 60-minute Remote Intuitive Guidance for any areas of your life. The selected time becomes a safe & healing space crafted for your transformation.

  • Or perhaps a 60-minute session is the right first step for you. Just click on the Add to Cart button below to schedule your 60 Minute Angelic Intuitive Guidance.