Angelic Reiki & Money Reiki

Angelic Reiki & Money Reiki

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I am putting together a Transformation Group Immersion.

Let's complete 2018 with purified energy from the source (Divine Mother-Father Energy with their Angelic Team) and detox anything that is draining you down? 

Angelic Reiki is an MultiDimensional Healing Modality that helps you beyond mental, emotional, physical and chakra healings.

💫What Chakra balancing does...

💫When you clear and balance your chakras, positive energy of the universe (healing vibrations) will pour into your mind & body more freely.

💫Opening of chakras opens the flood gate of abundance in your:
✔all areas of your life.✔

You will receive Zoom link after payment confirmation. The minute you sign your Angelic healing automatically starts. The Universe knows you are committed.

Here’s a bit more on the Zoom Group Immersions:

Detoxify and clear your energy field (Chakras) and enhance emotional and mental clarity! 

Your greatest enemy is your internal limiting beliefs, thoughts that dims your light and energy vibration.

How would like to release any negative thoughts or disempowering beliefs, or low vibrational emotions that is zapping you from achieving abundance or distracting you from your soulful purpose, optimal health, joyful life, happiness, and more meaningful life? 

I know - I have been in these situations many times and without my Angelic Team and Guides and the divine techniques, I won't be blending my lifelong passion of Energy Money Block Clearing and sharing it with you all. 

Disclaimer: This won't make you rich overnight but will bring divine shifts on multi-dimensional levels beyond your imaginations. 

You can hear testimonials on my website and hear the benefits of Angelic Reiki or Money Reiki on my Blogs and articles published on Thrive Global & Reiki Rays.... I am truly blessed to share this transformational Group Immersion. 

My guides will share proceeds for your sacred energy exchange to a dear friend in need this holidays 💫🙏💕

Sign up here for a Sacred Energy Exchange of only $57.

Here’s your Zoom link live Meditation & Healings and a bonus Angelic Healing will be sent on DEC 21st (remotely)

Sign up before Dec 18th.

Replays will be emailed if you can't join us live.

  • I want to share that I am bringing over almost 3 decades of my Ancient Wisdom, Energy Healing and lifelong study and practice, I’ve now become an expert in sharing my higher spiritual abilities including:

    • Energy Medicine

    • Instant Miracle Technique

    • Angelic EFT

    • Energy Healing

    • Angelic Reiki Techniques

    • Space Clearing

    • Akashic Records

    • Karmic & Ancestral Clearing

    • Chakra Wisdom Readings

    • Angelic Healing & Money Reiki

    • Pet Healing and Animal Communication

    • Meditation from my Indian Roots

    • Spiritual Initiations

    • 12 Chakra Activations to 5D - 12 D(Advance DNA Activations with source and cosmic connection)

    • Developing Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

    • Connecting Others to their Healing & Biz Guides

    • if you just want Private Session and get in touch with your personal guide and gain clarity on your future, see my Private Intuitive Guidance Session.

    • (Intuitive Business Coach & Angelic Master Healer to Entrepreneurs. MBA)

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