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Become Prosperous from the Inside out!



You are born with a special talent inside that is wanting to get out and share to the World.

Prosperity is your birthright!

Get ready to transform your Money Stories, and your personal and business blocks. I am devoted to support you to make the changes and create the life that you desire.  "I Shine when I help you Shine". I stand by that. I have the two decades of Corporate Finance & Angelic Abundance Blocks Clearing skills, knowledge, passion and ability to empower & transform your business and you in manifesting your greatest version and desired growth.


health coaches
“it is not the school's job to teach how to boost your self-esteem and confidence. time to feel empowered.”

Are you an altruistic health coach who values depth, integrity, and intuition? Are you driven to change the paradigm? Perhaps you are a busy parent like me and craving the freedom, flexibility, and the ability to do the things you love, but feelings of guilt or fear are holding you back? 

small business entrepreneurs
“Let go of fear and complexity. live abundantly.”

Are you a small business entrepreneur looking to regain focus, gain more energy & align your life’s purpose with your strategy? Do you sometimes feel afraid to take the next step because things are getting too complicated? As a visionary, do you have too much responsibility and not enough time for self & family?

healers & light-workers

“Raise your practice to a higher level, strengthen your confidence and technique."

Are you a Healer and Do you feel emotionally & physically drained? Do you want to strengthen your confidence and technique, and become an even more impactful leader in your community?


Release and free your trapped e-motions and become a Abundance magnet!


Imagine, if you can trust your inner guidance every time, every day. Through my Intuitive Assessments I direct my psychic vision, sensing, and hearing to tune into your relationship, healing, or Business matters. Trained in Angelic, Shamanism, Pranic, Angelic Life-Force healing and Advanced Energy Medicine, I am blessed to share my gifts to help you decide how to make practical changes to achieve your desires.  The doctors told me my autoimmune disease was incurable. That was the beginning of my quest to move forward toward transformation. First, I needed to get rid of fear. Through my journey to liberation (as a mom, a wife, and a business owner), I've developed actionable Angelic Wisdom & healing techniques you can apply daily. Everyone is talking about Energy Healing, right? But almost no one understands that you can apply practical powerful Energy healing to your every day life. If you've been concerned in the past that you just can't succeed with transforming yourself, I am here to put those fears to rest. You just need the simple tools and guidance. I've turned my "aha moments" into my secret weapon. Today, I teach you how to awaken your Intuitive gifts to experience more happiness, health, and growth in business without stress or fear. You will learn how to

  • Balance Your Karma & Energies

  • Become Money Magnet

  • Business Expansion

  • And Angelic Connections.


Self- Help Tools

Your Business needs you. Your success is depended on your Energy. Did you know that healed & balanced energy enhances you to vibrate and function at a higher frequency level? That vibrational shift helps you magnetize and attract your heart's desired results. Check out my bazaar for some legendary freebies to get you started. 

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But don't take my word for it!

  I bring you my lifetime knowledge, tools, resources and training that’s needed for your ultimate success. But only you as a business owner can TAKE THE STEP to take your life and business to the next level.

 Here's what some of my clients who were seeking deep transformation had to say about their experience. 


Sylvia DeBruyn

"There is something amazing about being able to connect with a person over distance, and receiving a..." Read More

Amiee Boswinklee

"Neelam is a gifted healer and a kind soul. I highly recommend trying ANY of her services."

Cristina Aroche

"Thank you so much Neelam for the Angelic Reiki I received! It cleared my brain fog and I felt so..." Read More


Unlock your Abundance Blocks ! 

For my family, I always seemed to have it all but something deep inside was missing. So I kept searching in programs, Spiritual Courses, Travelling, Business Advancement. I was a Spiritual Business mess. Angelic Reiki Teaching, Angelic Money Healing gave me a sense of purpose, a higher calling and using the divine insights, I was given a new Healing Modality to heal myself. 

Nothing brings more joy to me then to hear my client's private messaging the miracles in their lives through my Business Guidance, Healing or through my Angelic Business Membership. The Angelic Business Mastery is divinely designed to support Entrepreneurs, Healers, Coaches. Request a complimentary chat today by clicking on the "I want Angelic Biz  Guidance" icon.

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