Manifesting Mastery Program

with Angelic Realm


This an invitation and Magical TRAINING SERIES

to open you to

Releasing Blocks and receive more.

Unlock your Higher Power to abundance

so you can take inspired action to grow your business successfully!

Spiritual Millionaires

I had been sharing a lot of ways since these last several months to align to the Energy of abundance and Money energies..... I shared you my Angelic Money Mantras to shift Money Mindset..... and did a series of Angelic clearings and abundance activation on my Facebook Business Page.

Talking about Abundance.  Most people think of Money, love, as the hardest to manifest.

What if I can show you how I do it.

This week, I manifested my first $50k and before that was $10k consistent months. I don't share that to boast but I actually had manifested almost a million dollars in investment under the age of 30 and as a first generation Immigrant and Former Accountant.  

With the 2006-2008 housing crisis in California, I lost half of my life's hard-earned accumulations. 

I was devastated.  Later my health suffered. And then my already stressful Corporate Career..... It's life.. we all go through these emotions and cycles of life. The POWER LIES IN YOU to make a decision to change your life! 

Later with Angelic Wisdom and transforming my Health and life, I took the time to understand how I was able to Manifest and decipher the Core meanings of  Laws of the Universe, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Vibration and how to Manifest Miracles.... you probably heard about my Miracle Child Birth story just 5 years ago. 

My life purpose came as a disguise to Manifest to heal myself first and become even a Better Spiritual Teacher and Entrepreneur. 

I also know- how unconsciously we can block to receive the abundance in our lives. 

No school teaches that......

Marketing and branding stuff or sharing testimonials for social proof have not been my thing for my online business yet I am able to attract my soul mate clients and students. it's not the quantity but quality of my 1:1 Business Model that works for me.

My Wellness Coach peers call me "I am TrailBlazer"... lol.  I am not doing anything different than just tapping into the Angelic Wisdom... and I shared what has worked with many Wellness Coaches over the last two years...personally coached many. 


I enjoy helping others connect to their Guides and Angels and also Prosper in life: To become Master Manifestors.

With my Angelic Team, I am ready to teach the manifesting of the miracles and magic that others deserve in life.

How can you stop all the things that you have been doing to push money and abundance away from you?

Money is energy and how to help you get into the energy of the exact amount of money you desire and learn ways to receive the things you want most in life.

I can't keep this to myself anymore. 

I am super excited to share about  Live Group immersion in few months:  Not digital it will be Zoom teachings and live instant experiences. 


What is the Instant angelic manifestations program?

I present you World's first: 
INSTANT ANGELIC MANIFESTATION (I AM) program.  Together with 30 Archangels and my Galactic Healers and Spirit Guides.. it will be an out of this World Virtual Retreat and experiences. 

Are you ready to learn MANIFESTING MIRACLES WITH ANGELS and become Master Manifesters? 

It's impossible to teach all this in a few days to get the life-changing results. 

There haven't been a better time.   At this moment - Ask yourself if you are ready to unveil the layers from your soul... Your Soul is craving to grow, heal and enjoy and learn ways to receive the things you want most in life...... BECOME A CO-CREATOR.  What makes others become successful? It's not just their abilities or skills ALONE.  You don't need to depend on yourself alone anymore. Become a Master Manifestor? 

let me know you are ready. That $2400 will come back 100 times in so many ways that you can't even imagine right now.  opportunities, things, and people just like me.  (I will share more about my latest manifesting in next email)

The Details

Few of the highlights in the I AM program:

  • Boost your Manifesting Energies

  • Boost Money Mindset to double your income

  • Develop unshakable Confidence and heighten your intuition

  • Release Energetic imbalances and free yourself from limiting beliefs. 

  •  Activation, Align you to the abundance and money you need. ($1000)

  • Balance and Raise your Chakras to 5D  (priceless)

  • Transcend beyond fears and doubts  ( priceless)

  • develop a deeper connection to your personal Angels. (priceless)

  • Meet your Business Guides (priceless)

  • Tap into the Universal Intelligence (priceless)

  • Activate your 8th Chakra ($500)

  • Learn the back-end of the business too. ($1000)

  • It is a Worthy investment of 8 weeks with me ($5000)

  • 6 powerful Energetic Alignments (priceless)

  • Activations, Personalized blessings. And much more...

  • Those Healings and ANGELIC Activations itself are from my 12 Powerful healing modalities from Lifelong Experiences, Studies and research worth over $10,000.......... 

  • EARLY REGISTRATION starts at $2400

  • Time to TBD.... early August 2019. Weekly Virtual Retreats 75-90 minutes.