Nice Words From My Clients

Reiki Treatment Working.jpg

Sylvia Naomi DeBruyn

There is something amazing about being able to connect with a person over distance, and receiving a Reiki treatment; being able to actually FEEL that treatment working, and bringing relief. I received the gift of healing from Neelam when I was suffering with a severe sinus infection, and it brought me great relief and turned the tide around when the antibiotics had been unable to do so.

Gifted Healer and Kind Soul.jpg

Lisa Burgess

I experienced a Spiritual Spring Cleaning with Neelam and was left feeling lighter, energized and focused. Ready to start my new journey with positivity and confidence. Thank you Neelam for your kindness and support!!! I think you are wonderful.

Reiki cleared my brain fog.jpg

Cristina Aroche

Thank you so much Neelam for the Angelic Reiki I received! It cleared my brain fog and I felt so much lighter afterwards. You are a gifted healer.