Total Money Transformation

12 Weeks of Angelic Abundance

With Neelam Rai


Mother’s Day Angelic Guidance

Happy Mother’s Day dear!

TODAY IS YOUR DAY.  Which means you have lived your life for loved ones mostly.  

Now I want to share something really raw but where most TALENTED SMART HARD-WORKING moms played small their entire life and are feeling guilty in their conscience.

While on this special day, most mother’s get temporary pampering – usual facial, massages, flowers, BBQ parties, mani-pedi or mini gateways.

Does all that solve your problems? What if today you decide to Stand in Your Power!


I tuned into Mother's Day Angelic Guidance and was guided to share how I became unstuck and changed my Money Stories.

Your Biz Angels/Guides are saying...

I see you Prosperous Woman like a Tight Rose bud ready to blossom.

Somewhere you stopped letting the divine Love in

Somewhere you got scared to allow the circle of soul support to show you the light, sunshine and the love that you deserve

I was in that dark lonely place too ‍

Your Angels and Guides see you:

  • been hurt

  • Living in Scarcity mindset

  • working too hard‍

  • Too depleted to have fun

  • Money is stressing you

I am your Mirror and light bearer to show all the possibilities into you and a CEO.

I had made many money mistakes but learned so much and healed my money stories.

With my Angels faith, I was stretched and hired my 3rd soulful mentor. She was like a mirror!

Though I have helped 100’s of clients and have success stories, but mine is the best

From Immigrant college naive Girl to earning 6 figures in corporate.

I was told that I am:

  • Not smart enough (grade schools)

  • I will not go to college (grade school Principal)

  • I am too kind (former boss)

  • I am not Manager or CFO type (hubby)

  • Not pretty enough (families, in-laws)

  • Too short

  • Too dark skin (Indian relatives)

  • Too petite (before kids)

  • Not a match for my Twin Flame handsome hubby of 14 years

  • That my parents aren't educated and I will not go far.

  • Too fat after kids

Yikes!! So much for self Esteem and Confidence

Maybe those were true - But I busted all limited beliefs... healed my money stories and my life along the way.

  • from old spiritual money family Legacy trap

  • from not smart to CPA to Money Coach

  • from funny accent to Angel messenger

  • from fear of failure to Angelic Money Coach

  • from making $2 an hour to $400

  • Went from 2-bedroom Apartment to owning a Million Dollar homes.

  • From petite to embracing my gifts

The power lies in you...

The day you decide to change your story, you can claim it!

It is with real life survival experiences backed by my 20 years of solid Business & Energy Healing Expertise - I am leveling up.

I am here to level up and Elevate Eight Women.

I had never been so excited and confident to create a container of support for Strong Soulful Women Ready to claim their Crown.

Are you the one!

We can help Energetically shift your Money Blocks and change your MONEY STORY so you can finally:

  • release Energetic traps

  • Release Money legacy traps

  • become a Master Manifestor

  • charge with confidence

  • Move past your income ceiling

  • Connect with your Angels

  • Align to more money flow

  • Be on fire and attract all your heart's desires

I see you in me. A Powerful Strong Conscious Leader!

You are reading this for a reason. That’s I am putting together my 20 years of labor of love into one of a kind- out of this World.


Moms are Powerful Superheroes:  are Earth Angels. Not many humans can understand the depth of your pains or desires.  I can!

-------> ONLY FOR Powerful Dedicated Women, soulful ready to create their Legacy!

-------> not for a complainer, not resourceful, not ready for an ANGELIC MONEY MAKEOVER

-------> Ready to CLAIM CEO CROWN