Neelam’s Professional Bio


Become prosperous from the inside out. 

Neelam Rai is a world renown Intuitive Business Coach and Angelic Master Healer. A South Pacific Immigrant, overcame many hurdles from College to Corporate World to health challenges all under age 35.

She understands the power of Spiritual Technology in Modern Personal and Business World and knows how to prosper no matter where you are in your life.

She started her quest to thrive American life with only $400 to recently making $400/hour. Integrating her Intuitive Gifts with Holistic Approach to Business success and is on a mission to help Soulful Entrepreneurs and seekers like you.

She personally has helped over 100s of Wellness Coaches, Healers and Entrepreneurs who get Instant Angelic Miracles to gain clarity, release energetic imbalances and abundance blocks. What sets her apart is that she is more than a Business or Spiritual Life Coach. All of her Intuitive coaching & Abundance Clearing offers are based on the premises of creating breakthroughs in both your Personal, Spiritual and Business Growth.

Qualification: • Angelic Realm Communicator, Angel Medium. Channels with 30 Archangels, Divine Mother & The Collective Consciousness • Reiki Master Teacher Certifications in: Angelic, Tibetan, Karuna, & Money Reiki

• Certified in: Angel Card Reading, Health & Life Coach (ICF), Advance Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing, NLP, Shambala Reiki. EFT, Akashic Records, Chakra Wisdom, Meditations, etc.

• Degrees: Graduate in Leadership, Business Administration (working toward Ph.D. in Metaphysics). Love learning even with two little kids.I am an Intuitive Business Coach & Angelic Abundance Teacher who helps women & men around the world to align with their greater purpose in building their business.

I’m a Divine channel of Light, Spirit, and the Angelic Realms, and my Entire Angelic Business Signature Offers are just channeled to support soulful friends like you.

I help clear your business & Money blocks, upgrade not only your mindset, but emotionset & heartset. So, you can attract soul mate clients, and earn consistent cash flow and grow a business that sets you free.

Education is power and learning is super power!

Neelam Spent over $100k in personal & spiritual development courses and business coaching.

We don't need to know all answers right away but having a TRUSTED guide is life changing and you can save your heartaches of new Entrepreneurship, time & hard earn money.


Neelam Rai: Your Prosperous Biz Coach & Angelic Master Healer

Neelam Rai: Your Prosperous Biz Coach & Angelic Master Healer


Of course my spiritual & professional growth is still a journey... but it was not so long ago when I was pulled to my soul purpose?

We are always evolving, right? Our challenges, roadblocks are actually our biggest teachers sometimes.

My life threw me many curve balls. Few years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (right after my high risk pregnancy) and this disorder according to my doctors was incurable. This devastating diagnosis took a toll on my life & inner peace. I knew I had to find a natural way to heal myself so that I can be a happier mom to my 2 kids.

I am a firm believer that when a student is ready, a teacher appears. I was lucky to meet many spiritual teachers & leaders during my journey. I traveled through New Zealand, Canada, and Fiji, Sacred Mount Shasta in California seeking my higher purpose while balancing the demands of my higher academics, career and beautiful family life. I’m truly honored to share all the goodness with you.