Meet Neelam


Each of us has something we’re brilliant at – for me I’ve found mine is coaching Soulful Entrepreneurs.

Each of us has something we are amazing at. For me, I’ve found my brilliance is in coaching entrepreneurs, integrating practical strategies for financial success with personal growth. As a Certified Business Coach and Money Breakthrough® Coach, I love helping leaders like you to release your money fears, stop sneaky self-sabotaging money behaviors and create a new money legacy.

Making Money is Spiritual. I know for generations in my family there was conflicting ideas around money. I saw so many talents go wasted.

Hi, I am Neelam Rai. The Business Psychic, Coach and Angelic Master Healer. I use my  Intuitive & Psychic abilities to help you uncover what is holding you back in your business and life. Uncover what is restricting your abundance flow and see if you are in alignment of what you are creating and use my abilities and over 18 years in background business to help you move forward, release those things that are holding you back and get the sound strategies that you need and create a life and business that you love.

I started my quest to thrive American life with only $400 in 1999 as a young college immigrant student to recently making consistent 5 figure months.

My life is series of Transformation and it started with a Thirst to Mastering Manifestation and creating a freedom lifestyle. What makes someone successful? Why some talented and spiritual people stay stuck? I had many questions like a child. I knew early on in my Business College, that the school system is outdated (talk about being a psychic).

Yet, I followed Higher Academics as the ticket to job security and rising the Corporate ladder. Old Money beliefs kept me playing small and stuck for almost 15 years.

So many Accountants with CPA and MBA’s like me were making 6 figures, but we didn’t had the time to enjoy or the expensive California housing expenses that led us to living pay check to paycheck. We were trained to make the corporations richer only.

Starting my Business was the best decision ever. But it was not easy. I had to heal deeply.

Working on money mindset allowed me to study to my heart’s desire, travel and share to others. (Did I say, I am a Full time mom, have the energy to play and also hold the Sacred Space for my high Vibe client Coaches & Entrepreneurs).


  • Spiritual Development: Angelic Realm Communicator, Angel Medium. Channels with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddess Energy • Certified to Teach Teach Angelic Reiki and Money Reiki. Certified in: Angel Card Reading. Advance Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing, NLP EFT. Akashic Records. Chakra Wisdom, Meditations, etc.

  • Coaching Certifications: Money Coaching, Business Coaching, Health & Life Coach (ICF)

  • Degrees: MBA, Graduate in Leadership, Business Administration and (working toward Ph.D).

Education is power and learning is super power!

We don't need to know all answers right away but having a TRUSTED guide is life changing and you can save your heartaches of new Entrepreneurship, time & hard earn money.


Neelam Rai: The Soulful Business Coach & Angelic Master Healer

Neelam Rai: The Soulful Business Coach & Angelic Master Healer


I am a firm believer there is that One Powerful Trusted Modern Healer and Mentor to help Transform our lives.

I was lucky to meet many spiritual teachers & leaders during my journey. I traveled through New Zealand, Canada, and Fiji, Sacred Mount Shasta in California seeking my higher purpose while balancing the demands of my higher academics, career and beautiful family life. I’m truly honored to share all the goodness with you. 

My work is dedicated to blending practical money systems with personal growth to help my clients start making more money. Let’s connect soon.