Meet Neelam Rai

The Angelic Master Healer & Business Coach


Step into your power


I work with Universal Intelligence or my Healing Guides named Octavia and they confirmed that we have human illnesses, suffering, heart-breaks because we all have a higher purpose in this lifetime. Your responsibility is to find ways to Heal the past, thrive in the present and grow into the very best version of you. 

We are "work in progress" towards our bigger purpose in life! 
As we expand in our life and businesses, we continue to raise our standards and vibrations or our spiritual gifts. And it can be a difficult journey if we want to figure it out all alone. I have been for years.  
You see, I always felt like a misfit even though raised in a loving family. I was the most bubbly kid in my family. Yet, I was too sensitive and would absorb other's energy and it was hard to explain why I needed "solitude space". I was a friendly introvert and ended up in a Corporate World that was not designed for people like me. You can imagine my years of struggle to blend in and please the Type A personalities.  I met many Corporate leaders with too much masculine energy and who never failed to remind me that I was not good enough for Corporate culture.
Those biggest critics were my teachers that led me to search for my spiritual gifts. 
The TRUTH is that our schools or jobs don't teach us SELF ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE, TAPING INTO OUR GIFTS, we have to learn it.

Over the last decade, I searched for answers everywhere; enrolled in double Masters and in many Spiritual Energy Medicine/Healing Certification. Spent over $100k in personal & spiritual development courses and business coaches. Still was missing something.

It was not until I searched into my Soul Blueprint- my higher purpose. Every-step, course, trial & error was a building block to become a Powerful Master Coach & Healer. Today, I enjoy teaching to other Healers and Entrepreneurs with my Business background.  

We don't need to know all answers right away but having a TRUSTED guide is life changing and you can save your heartaches of new Entrepreneurship, time & hard earn money.


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Of course my spiritual & professional growth is still a journey... but I was not so long ago when I pulled to my higher purpose?

My life threw me many curve balls. Few years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, (right after my high risk pregnancy) and this disorder according to my doctors was incurable. This devastating diagnosis took a toll on my life & inner peace. I knew I had to find a natural way to heal myself so that I can be a happier mom to my 2 kids. I went back to school to get my Holistic Health & Life Coaching Certification & Angelic Reiki Master Teacher certification. I was able to recover my health with energy healing and healthy dietary interventions. During that time I discovered a secret that guided me to create Neelam’s Namaste: knowledge is key to liberation through Energy Medicine. My Advance Spiritual Healing Methods prepared me to integrate Corporate Business expertise in my business expansion. 

Business and Spirituality doesn't have to be exclusive. I use Angelic Guidance to empower, awaken and transform yourself, so that you can Step into your own healing power and you will raise your practice to a higher level, strengthen your confidence and technique, and become an even more impact-ful leader in your community

I am a firm believer that when a student is ready, a teacher appears. I was lucky to meet many spiritual teachers & leaders during my journey. I traveled through New Zealand, Canada, and Fiji, Sacred Mount Shasta in California seeking my higher purpose while balancing the demands of my higher academics, career and beautiful family life. Truly honored to share all the goodness with you.