7 Days of Angelic Reiki & Chakra Healing

7 Days of Angelic Reiki & Chakra Healing

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Feeling Stressed out from the holidays?

Can’t wait for the 2018 to be over or either it’s going too fast?

Or feeling Blue with the Winter Season?

Perhaps you are Busy Mom Entrepreneur like me, a Heart-Centered Coach, Healer, Soulful employee…

Wherever you are, we feel you. These healings from the comfort of you home will help you restore your faith and finish this 2018 Strong and March into a Bright New Prosperous New Year with Renewed Energy.

These 7 days will be led by Holy Mother Mary and 32 Archangels. We will be helping you release all those lower emotions that is diming the divine light in you.

You can March in 2019 with Renewed Energy and Confidence that you are never alone and begin to trust your guides and take inspired Actions towards your Goals.

💫What Chakra balancing does...

💫When you clear and balance your chakras, positive energy of the universe (healing vibrations) will pour into your mind & body more freely.

💫Opening of chakras opens the flood gate of abundance in your:
✔all areas of your life.✔

You will receive Zoom link after payment confirmation. The minute you sign your Angelic healing automatically starts. The Universe knows you are committed.

The investment includes a powerful Not 1, 2. 3 but 7 Twenty minutes long Remote Healing.

Day 1 we kickstart with Zoom complete Chakra Healing Meditation.

  • See my Healing Techniques

  • Access to my private Facebook Group that acts as a safe and supportive space for your journey.

    I want to share that I am bringing over almost 3 decades of my Ancient Wisdom, Energy Healing and lifelong study and practice, I’ve now become an expert in sharing my higher spiritual abilities including:

    • Energy Medicine

    • Angelic EFT

    • Energy Healing

    • Angelic Reiki Techniques

    • Space Clearing

    • Akashic Records

    • Karmic & Ancestral Clearing

    • Chakra Wisdom Readings

    • Angelic Healing & Money Reiki

    • Pet Healing and Animal Communication

    • Meditation from my Indian Roots

    • Spiritual Initiations

    • 12 Chakra Activations to 5D - 12 D(Advance DNA Activations with source and cosmic connection)

    • Developing Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

    • Connecting Others to their Healing & Biz Guides

    • if you just want Private Session and get in touch with your personal guide and gain clarity on your future, see my Private Intuitive Guidance Session.

    • (Intuitive Business Coach & Angelic Master Healer to Entrepreneurs. MBA)

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