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Are you ready to co-create Magic in your life and business with the Archangels and Ascended Masters?

Today is your last chance to sign up for this one of kind special 3 Day Training Series, where you will meet Your Guides and Angels and transform your life and abundance!

Bonus: Special LIVE channeled messages for the first few attendees - plus other surprises The Angels have for you!

Here's how you save your seat for MEET YOUR ANGELS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

to bring you Peace, Love and Happiness on your Personal Healing & Growth 11:11 am - 1:11 pm PST (ET + 3 hrs) Friday, October 26th. (Replays will be available).

We are never alone in our various soul lessons here on this planet.

Yet sometimes we "get in our own way" due to fears and stresses - This program will help you strengthen your own connection to YOUR Guides & Angels for higher guidance to bless every area of your life!

There are a limited number of seats so if this is calling to your heart and soul, be sure to grab your spot now and I'll see you very soon!

My story:

I have been a sensitive, Empath & Introvert for all my life and immigrated to this country (USA).

I will be peeling back the veil and revealing to you some of my BEST TOOLS & TIPS that helped me:
Marry my Twin Flame of 13 years
Enjoy family life with our 2 beautiful children
Overcome health challenges and achieve health and vitality
Launch my business and thrive in the social media noise with a Holistic Wellness & Business Practice, sharing my soul gifts and making a difference worldwide.

Wherever you are at, The Angels and I can help you. You just need to take the first step. Register here now:

This will be a fabulous opportunity to learn about the Wonderful Archangels, your Guides and how they can help you too. 

I will take you on a special journey to meet the beyond our Earth Realms and receive their assistance. They can change your life by grounding you, clearing energy round you, protecting you, inspiring you and raising your frequency.  They can even heal you.  Together we will do powerful service work with each of them.

Your beautiful PERSONAL ANGEL has been waiting to get to know you and serve you with love and devotion and I will take you on a wonderful life changing visualization so that you can develop a great relationship with it.  

As your Angelic Master & Teacher, I will guide and invoke your Angels/Guides/Masters blessings  They breathe peace, love, balance and wisdom into you and enable you to become a peace ambassador.

We will be accompanied by 32 Archangels. 3 Archangels as I am writing are coming forward strongly.

The first is Archangel Gabrielle and he will be joining us in helping you get your message out it the world.

Then you will meet Archangel Micheal & Raphael who join us to heal you with unconditional love.  They will pour love into your solar plexus liquid light to clear any energy left from past relationships and to heal your current ones, whether friends or family.  We will also work with these Angels to extend healing to people in your life.

Lastly you will be touched by Mother Mary who will open, heal and light up the 1000 LOTUS FLOWERS of your  heart chakra.  Whether it is romantic love, friendship or pure love you seek, Goddess Mary & Lakshmi can place the vibration you need to ignite your light.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.  Do join me for this life changing Zoom to meet the Angels.

The price for this workshop is $36. To book your place, please complete the form below. If you are unable to attend the recording live, a recording will be available after the event. Also the Healing begin the minute you sign up.

You will get my access for a month for any questions inside a safe .

Who is your Coach?

Neelam Rai is Certified in Holistic Wellness, Life and Spiritual Coaching and holds Business Masters. Neelam is an Angelic Master Healer & Intuitive Business Coach (Angel Medium).

Zoom Link will be emailed to you after payment. You will have a lifetime access to the Zoom Recording and a Private FACEBOOK access to share you experiences and future additional support.

Payment link:

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