7 Reiki Principles You Can Use to Regain Mental Clarity

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The world is not showing any signs of slowing down. Keeping a clear mind is becoming increasingly more difficult. Do you feel like you are always on the run, doing one thing after another? You may be attending a meeting, rushing to get to the meeting, doing paperwork, tending to family needs, and the list keeps growing. Feeling peaceful seems like foreign territory to many of us. But, there are things you can do. Today, I will share the 7 Reiki principles you can apply in your quest to regain mental clarity.

But first, here's what Harvard University had to say about the Reiki principles:

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on technique for reducing stress, relieving pain, and facilitating personal growth and the body’s own healing. Through healing touch, your energy level is balanced and immune system enhanced.
— Harvard University Health Services


Busy Professionals Often Struggle with Mental Clarity

My clients come from many walks of life, but most are caregivers, women health coaches and small business entrepreneurs. Here are some reasons that may be the underlying cause of your nighttime depression if you fall into one of those categories:

  • As a small business entrepreneur, you are constantly at work and you often feel like you are running out of time and resources. All of this takes a big toll on your life’s priorities and mental clarity. You may struggle to make decisions that empower you to be growth oriented. Or maybe you stopped finding meaning in your work because things are getting too complicated.

  • As a caregiver, you deal with patients who have been incapacitated and cannot care for themselves. The stress is causing you to feel chronically fatigued and drained mentally and emotionally.

  • As a health coach, your job revolves around understanding the needs of others--that's a big responsibility! You may lack time to discuss your own stress factors because you are so focused on the wellbeing of others. Lack of awareness and attention to your own needs may lead to stress, tension, and decreased mental clarity.

But as it turns out, you can use the following 7 Reiki principles to regain mental clarity. 

Reiki Teaches You to Concentrate on the Present

Most of our stress arises from worrying about tomorrow. Entrepreneurs, in particular, find it difficult to live in the present because they are constantly planning for the future. Again, I am not saying that planning for the future is bad or that you should not have a vision for tomorrow. Instead, what I’m saying is that living in the future is not healthy for your present.

Before you reach for tomorrow, you should live for today. The future is not in our hands, and it is too unpredictable. But, we have control over what we have and can do today.

When I am in a Reiki session with my client, I make sure that they are clearing their head of all their future troubles. This brings in a lot of clarity. Why? Reiki allows them to unwind, relax and distress. We incorporate guided meditations and manifestations, too. This approach energizes and balances the whole body. Want to know the best part? My clients now have a strategy to handle their stress factors even when I am not there through powerful self-healing techniques. They have actionable, but simple daily tools they can use to concentrate on the present.

Reiki Teaches You to Focus on Yourself

Mental or physical pain can affect a person’s ability to have a clarity of thought. This is particularly important for people like small business entrepreneurs, caregivers, health coaches, and people whose lives revolve around the needs of others.

If this is you, you must develop routines that help you find quality daily. The Reiki session allows you to focus on yourself. The energy of the universe is channeled through you and all you have to do is allow it to heal the mental blockages that are holding you back. Once you start allowing this universal guidance to free you, your mental blocks disappear. The universe’s energy flows freely through you and your mental clarity prevails.

Reiki Teaches You to Stop Worrying

Worrying only quadruples our problems. If you wish to regain mental clarity, then you have to stop worrying. The Reiki principles require the practitioner to stop overthinking about problems because worrisome thoughts create clutter and that energy can be channeled. 

Reiki Teaches You Control Your Anger

Anger is one of our greatest enemies. Nothing creates doubt and confusion as much as anger. When we are angry, we are not thinking straight. Anger leads to decisions that we end up regretting. I have seen many business owners investing in the wrong strategies because they were frustrated with the lull in their business. Reiki principles profess that anger should be avoided. Anger does not let the energy of the universe flow properly through your body and soul. When you leave your anger aside and regain mental clarity, the universe’s energy flows through you unhindered and enables you to make sound decisions.

Reiki Teaches You to Do Your Work Honestly

The caregivers that I have come across in my profession have a strong sense of duty. They have been very caring of their patients. But, sometimes, it becomes very difficult for them to be empathetic. They feel stuck, and do not want to assist anymore. This feeling later translates into guilt. Over a period of time, after going through such cycles of apathy and guilt several times, they start questioning whether they are a good person at all. Reiki eases muscle tension and creates a sense of alignment. This alignment enables you to reconnect with your purpose. Your self-awareness increases and you approach your work with honest intentions. Do you want to know the best part? Your work becomes more meaningful. 

Reiki Teaches You to Focus on the Right People

Have you ever held others responsible for making your lives difficult?  If you allow yourself to go through a few Reiki sessions, you will discover that the tables turn once you get rid of your negative thoughts. You will realize that you felt hurt because you have given the power away to someone to hurt you. Once you regain mental clarity, you can see things for what they are. So, instead of being sour about the people who are making your life difficult, you will start expressing your love to people who are making your life better. 

Reiki Teaches You to Be Thankful

Yet, most of us complain about the things that we don't have and worry about how we are going to get them. It is very easy to get sucked into a place where you only see what you don't have. Did you know that you can learn Reiki so that you can self-heal? A good Reiki session can help you get out of this place of darkness. You will experience a heightened sense of gratitude. Such clarity of mind is an important factor in being happy. Why? Because clarity lets the energy of the universe run through you uninhibited!

And isn't that empowering?


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