April 2019 Energy Guidance from the Angelic Realm

April 2019 Energy Guidance from the Angelic Realm

Super excited about this month’s Energy.

Most of you know I am an Indian immigrant who overcame many hurdles from college to corporate world to health challenges all under age 35.

I am a 3rd generation Intuitive Spiritual Entrepreneur and Healer.

I understand the power of Angelic healings to prosper no matter where you are in your life. I have personally helped hundreds of wellness coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs who get instant Angelic Miracles to gain clarity, to release energetic imbalances, abundance and money blocks.

What sets me apart is that I'm more than a business Financial analyst, Spiritual Life coach, and I use all of my intuitive coaching and abundance clearings in creating breakthroughs in both your personal and spiritual and business growth.

So, welcome and today we are stepping into April 2019, what a beautiful month it is, I'm super excited about it.

So the energy for this month is all about gratitude and it's also a month for manifesting.

They are telling us to be in the energy of gratitude, because when we step into the energy of gratitude we are expanding our wealth consciousness. Just simply saying every morning if you can do this, for the rest of this month say, "thank you universe for all the abundance in my life."

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So gratitude is the energy you want to be focusing on this month and you can simply just starting counting your blessings, just start counting your blessings and just simply saying "thank you universe for all these gifts" because it's going to respond generously to you. Everybody loves to get appreciated right? So does our guides and Angels in the universe, all they want in return is a simple thank you.

How many times we take things for granted, relationship, why does relationships go south?

Because people want to feel appreciated, the wife wants to get appreciated from the husband or vice versa right? Sometimes we forget to say thank you to things that truly matters to us and it begins with this energy of gratitude because this is expansion energy that is also help you to attract more abundance, I'm your abundance queen right?

I talk about ways to create more abundance, when you are in abundance and gratitude and love energy that energy is going to emit from you, you are going to attract the right people, your soul tribe, your soulmate, your soulmate clients.

So we are being reminded to always say thank you for all that you have, the intangibles as well as intangible things.

And whenever you say thank you from the bottom of your heart, really mean it, embody this energy, the more its blessed on you for gratitude is a key to open the doors to universal abundance.

The universal abundance is through the feeling of being in this gratitude energy and when you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, you are opening yourself to receive, what's the word? Love.

And more is going to come flowing into your life, so smile more and you can say this affirmation, "I am grateful for everything in my life, I am grateful for everything in my life."

And as your Angel Medium, Arcangel Gabriel is stepping forward for each one of you he's an Angel of communication. And since the last month, the throat chakra, he has been helping a lot of my students and clients inside my Angelic business school, helping with the expansion of the throat chakra because this is the energy center to help you to express the messages to the world.

Wealth has both Practical Masculine and Spiritual Feminine Energy.  

You need to stay in alignment with both Energies and that’s what THE ANGELS (Archangel Gabrielle) are reminding you. To stay in the abundance Energy with Gratitude and stay in ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT.

And the Angels are extremely supportive, each one of you with your throat chakra, and is activating it to the 5D, the fifth dimension with Angelic Master Healings.  

The third dimension is where we are on this physical planet and the fifth dimension is the energy of abundance, the energy of unconditional love, and that's all my work is about to help everybody raise their energies of abundance and love and to this place of 5D.

From this unconditional love, from this place, we can overcome any fears, any doubts, any emotional blockages, any limited beliefs that are holding us back, keeping us stuck, keeping us playing small, the Angels are here to support and guide you and that's why I come in and share this wisdom.

And Arcangel Gabriel, he is also the Angel of communication, so you call upon him to helping with your throat chakra, he is helping you to be in this energy of gratitude. And the more you are in this happy gratitude energy the more you're able to intune yourself and tap into this universal wisdom.

And their wisdom is going to pass through your communication in the posts you write, in the communications, social media, how you interact with your people, whether it's your audience, your clients, or your loved ones.

Because communication is such a powerful skill and if you can master this you can become a master manifester. You can deliver and say the things you mean to say right? You don't have to play small anymore, even though you are a shy person. So he is telling us... what is he telling us? He is helping with our communication and he resides in the sacred Mt.Shasta here in California, that is his retreat area where I get to go to do meditations and bring the energy to my beautiful Angelic business community, my members, my students, and VIP clients.

I love working with Archangel Gabriel, he has helped me so much in helping me overcome my shyness, my fears of going live, and sharing all the wisdom, I get to share with you guys.

So what are we reminded for this month is to stay in the energy of gratitude because through this energy, you are opening the doors to the universal abundance. And abundance can mean so many things right? Everyone wants to make more money, so you can have the freedom and flexibility to do the things you want and how you can, when you are in this beautiful energy, you're able to express it to others.

You can invoke Archangel Gabriel or join us in my our Hybrid Angelic Business Membership, we're going to work with each chakras with Angels to help you stay in the MANIFESTING AND ABUNDANCE ENERGY. ArcAngel Gabriel will be helping soulful coaches, healers and Entrepreneurs to support in expressing their truth, boost confidence THE POWER THROAT CHAKRA to 5D, from this place you can start sharing your confidence, your loving messages to the world.

So now it's time for you to overcome, lift the veil of shyness and come from a place of love and abundance and gratitude. And, he, also ArcAngel Gabriel is an Angel to support us not just with our communication but he is also an Angel for manifesting too.

I have manifested for the last 20 years so many things, in the intro I said you know, as an immigrant for the last 20 years I overcame so many hurdles and never gave up, all the academic achievements to having the beautiful life, married to my twin flame, and having two beautiful children, and having the business from the comfort of my home. And it is not easy I must say.

But if I don't have this guidance and Angels, it will probably be more struggle and challenging for me to do it. So that's why I encourage people, you don't have to depend on your own skills and abilities alone to become successful. Again success can be a different definition for you, for me it's not just about making 6-figures, it's about having a balance between being a mother, a wife, and also a business that create massive Impact. And I get to do the work that I love, I love to people connect with others with their guides and Angels so that you can co-create their magic.

So tell me, share with me your gratitude affirmation.

Or say:  "I am grateful for everything in my life." You can make your own affirmation and share with me. And what's the result when you do this, like I said, April is all about manifesting energy and you do this by being in this energy of gratitude, tapping into your throat chakra, connecting with Archangel Gabriel. I'm going to go more deeper this Friday on New Moon and help with the Angelic Money Reiki Activations and Healings, to my Angelic business members, and you are welcome to come and check it out. And as a result of doing all of this thing, you will start to see a lot of beautiful transformation. Manifesting is about, the Hindi work for manifesting is SANKALAP with the true intention right. And when we are in this beautiful energies, we can co-create, we can co-create the life you want, we can co-create the business you want.

And any obstacles, challenges, fears, and doubts, that comes in the way, you can easily overcome.When you know you are being supported by your guides and Angelic team. And I hope that you tap into this universal knowledge and consciousness and increase your wealth consciousness so that you can start to have that life, the dream life that you desire.

So with that my friends, please respond to me, who are you grateful for in your life? Who can you say "thank you" to? Is it your partner, or someone, your clients, go and share on your social media gratitude and pass this to others to stay inside of this energy. The more of us the more leaders are in gratitude energy the more abundance we'll attract and collectively we can raise our own energies and lead to a successful, beautiful balance.


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