2019 is the Year of Angels!

Happy New Beginning friends,

Wow, today is January 1st, 2019. If you add 2+0+1+9 = 12

Angels and I have a long relationship with numbers. 30+ years :)

This Year is about Growth and Miracles and connecting with Angels.

Here’s the Angelic 2019 Review:

Number 12 is a Master Angelic Number.

It represents divine messages from GOD. 2019 is about faith and purpose and 12 also inspires us to take actions. Your Angels are near and they are bringing in more positivity, optimism, expansions and helping you rebuild your faith.

Talking about your actions: Here’s how the Angels and I see you to view 2019 in a positive way. Breathe. This is going to be your best year ever. Angels sees you and knows your plans. Begin to trust them. They are the messengers from the GOD/SOURCE/DIVINE and helping us humans to become wildly successful not only in business but in our personal and spiritual growth too. This year will help you connect deeply to your spirituality. Are you ready?

Here are few Ingredients to a successful 2019 and there is FREE FULL ONE HOUR TRAINING ON MINDSET OF A SUCCESSFUL COACH at the bottom of this page.

Tips to avoid business burnout and stay in the flow of your inner genius.

Break it down: map it out!

365 Days: Uplevel your Spiritual Technology: Meditate. Exercise. Reflect. (20 minutes each)

52 Weeks: connect deeply - call loved ones/week.

12 months: read one book/skill per month.

4 Quarters: Celebrate milestones with your tribe or loved ones.

You are great at what you do.

The BEST INVESTMENT starts with YOU!!!

Do reverse engineering. If you feel good and happy inside, your energy will emit to others and in your business and you have more clarity.

An investment in your self-care, wellness, energy healings, continued learning are ingredients of successful Entrepreneurial journey.

Skip: Self-care

Skip: Investing in a support system

Skip: Connecting with loved ones

Skip: Celebrating the little milestones.

Then, what is the point of having income goals or business goals?

Do skip: Toxic energetic beings and toxic media news that drains your energy.

There you have it: Simple yet powerful Ingredients to Success

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With love,


Angelic Master Healer & Business Mentor

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