Benefits of Angelic Guidance in your Business & Life.

I know first hand the economic cost of burn out, and entrepreneurial journey frustrations.  I want to introduce you practical Mystic - Energy Healing for balancing Life and Business Success.

You see, I was introduced to Angelic Reiki and many Healing Modalities in my Hospital Career over a decade ago. For a Practical and Analytical person like me, the Universe knew how to convince me by witnessing the Alternative Energy Healing Transformation in patient care, Medical Staff and later in my life.

The benefits of Angelic Energy Healing is multi-dimensional. We are more than this physical body. (Think of Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Energies). So there are many benefits of Energy Healing. After an Angelic Healing session, you feel a sense of calm, and an absence of any rush to get anywhere. You feel at peace with your inner self, wherever you are at that moment.

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6 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference to Your Nighttime Depression

Nighttime depression is an overwhelmingly common issue among Americans. More of us are victims of this condition than we care to admit. A quick analysis of Google's search algorithm shows that "nighttime depression" search term occurs over 900 times per month. Perhaps even more interesting is that it seems to be more prevalent in those who are responsible for other people’s hopes, dreams, and general wellbeing, such as entrepreneurs, caregivers, and health coaches. What could be the reason for this?

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7 Reiki Principles You Can Use to Regain Mental Clarity

The world is not showing any signs of slowing down. Keeping a clear mind is becoming increasingly more difficult. Do you feel like you are always on the run, doing one thing after another? You may be attending a meeting, rushing to get to the meeting, doing paperwork, tending to family needs, and the list keeps growing. Feeling peaceful seems like foreign territory to many of us. But, there are things you can do. Today, I will share the 7 Reiki principles you can apply in your quest to regain mental clarity. But first, here's what Harvard University had to say about...

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