Who is Angelic Intuitive Guidance & Healing for?

Imagine, if you can trust your inner guidance every time, every day.

This investment includes a Private 1:1 Session Customized and recorded for you. It is 60 minute long session that will allow you to receive guidance that you need in your business or life. We can cover any topic you like (Health, Soul Mate, Career, Abundance/Money Blockage are popular subjects) and help you gain the clarity you need to move through a situation or overcome obstacles to continue on your path.

Through my Intuitive Angelic Assessments, I tune into your hidden subconscious success and money blocks. For the past 20 years, I have been transforming my own hurdles, abundance blocks, Mastering Manifestation with my Angelic Master Healings. My goal is to help you jumpstart on your path to Freedom lifestyle.

  • Balance (declutter your abundance & money blocks)

  • Purpose (Align and unlock your gifts)

  • Prosper (create a profitable and meaningful life)

  • Bonus: Master Manifestation with Angels

You will receive a Zoom link after payment confirmation. The minute you sign, your Angelic healing automatically starts and the Universe knows you are committed.

I channel with my Guides and yours to provide your business a solution.

  • Be held in meditation and prayer for 24 hours.

  • Unlimited email correspondence for 1 week.

  • Bonus: $500 Access to one month support inside my Angelic Biz Membership.

I want to share over almost 3 decades of my Ancient Wisdom, Energy Healing and lifelong study and practice. I will also be sharing my higher spiritual abilities which include:

  • Ancient Wisdom from Angelic Realm and not something from the New Age Spirituality.

  • Life Coaching and Spiritual Biz Coaching

  • Angelic EFT, Energy Healing, Angelic Reiki Techniques

  • Space Clearing, Akashic Records, Karmic Clearing

  • Chakra Wisdom, Advanced Pranic Healings

  • Developing Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

  • Connecting to Angels

Intuitive 2019 Angelic Readings (limited time offer)
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Kelly Webb

September 13 at 1:11 PM

Hello Friends. I just wanted to share the totally awesome session my husband and I just had with Neelam. We did a healing session for my husband and I participated, as well as getting some Angelic activation and initiation myself.

If you haven't done a private session with Neelam yet, you are missing out. She brings in her TEAM and really brings great perspective, intuition and careful analysis of your needs. She picked up on some things that I had never discussed with her and she was right on target!

I am building my Reiki skills, so while she was working I tapped in and assisted. I could see and feel the energy in such a way that I have not experienced before....So hard to describe in words.

I have worked with several healers over the years and have come a long way....but I have to say that since I met Neelam, I really feel that I have taken some big steps forward. I love the way she presents the information and makes me feel totally supported while the magic happens. I have no fear and am totally able to allow and receive the angelic energy and transformation!!

Anyway. I just had to share with you all.....do yourself a favor and contact Neelam for a healing session. It is so worth it!!

Sharon Kay Baran

I had a wonderful experience working with Neelam. She really cares about people. My Angelic Reiki healing session was quite amazing. It was refreshing to know you don’t have to relive past trauma to heal from it. I look forward to working with Neelam again. I highly recommend her.

Millie Torres-Ruiz

I have followed Neelam for over a year now and been a member for just about a year! I continue to see growth by listening to her expertise with Angel Reiki and her help with answers to small business questions. In particular, addressing fear. Her calm nature helps to keep me grounded. Her optimism and authentic nature keeps me interested in learning more about my own potential. This September was very difficult for me, as my mother passed away. Neelam did a lot of healing not only for me, but my mother as well. Neelam’s Angels and guides, the Archangels and my own Angels and guides kept me from losing perspective. It was a transition that I will still learn from and miss my mother dearly. Gain your own clarity and healing with Neelam. She is genuine and will encourage you through many challenges.

Janice Burgess

Neelam is an amazing Business Coach, with a giant heart of gold. I consider her a soul sister, but I also believe that she helped me to clear ancestral blocks that were in the way of me manifesting a thriving coaching business.  Let me explain.

I believe in what I do (I am a Certified Health Coach, a Quit Smoking Coach and a Clinical Pharmacist), and I believe that what I do aligns with my purpose in life, which makes me extremely grateful for all the clients that I have assisted to quit smoking, all the health coaches that I have trained in cessation and the knowledge of drug therapies I use each and every day and share with others.  But loving what you do and making enough money to continue working full time in your desired field of practice (in my case as a Quit Smoking Coach), are two entirely different things. There was this sense that I was doing what I was meant to be doing, that the breakthrough was about to happen at any moment, but that I was, for some unknown reason, just stuck. To say that I felt frustrated was an understatement, and I wasn’t sure what I needed to do to get un-stuck. 

Somehow the Universe put Neelam and I together. Neelam helped me uncover the ancestral money blocks that were holding me back.  They included a family bankruptcy, the shame of a family member spending time in jail for theft, the untimely death of my father, and much more - all of it weighed so heavy on my heart and held me back in all areas of my life without me even realizing it.  Neelam cleared all of it. She called angels to heal my heart, and she helped me release any ancestral binds that were holding me back, and she lifted a weight off my mind that allowed me to shift my thinking.  

I know now that I do deserve a thriving coaching business.  I know that I am strong enough to overcome some really bad sh** that comes my way, IF it comes my way.  I have learned that I can do exactly what I have set out to do and that God and the Universe have my back.  Most importantly, I have learned that I deserve to ask for money, and that the dollars in my bank account are only a reflection of how many people I have helped.  That if I am serving my divine purpose in life, doing something I love, and helping people along the way to be better, to feel better, and to be healthier, then I will not go unrewarded for making the world a better place. 

So often we forget to call on our friends (and experts) to provide guidance.  We’d rather go it alone. Neelam continues to be my lifeline. I often just send her a note and she will send back an idea or a message of hope, and encouragement and I really appreciate everything she does.  She too has my back!  

She is a successful business woman and coach, and as if that is not enough, she is also a Healer.  Trust her to help guide you in your business journey. I’m so glad that I did!

- Janice Burgess

Cathy Richards

Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of connecting with Neelam Rai. Her guidance and healing sessions have given me a clear path and brought abundance into my business in the form of new clients! Thanks Neelam.

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