Healing Techniques

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Spiritual Business Healing Methods

Does Energy Healing Work? Let's say Law of Vibration & Law of Attraction or Law of Manifestation goes hand in hand with Energy Medicine. 

There are many forms of Energy methods like through: Touch (e.g. Reiki), Vibration (Singing Bowl, Mind (Intentional Prayer blessing), Channeling (like Angelic Medium), Chakra & Meridians (energy blocks in human energy field).

There are separate specialized healers for each technique... imagine getting or learning these most popular Healing under one roof and from your Angelic Master Healer- your Master Healer. These is decades of experiences.

Energy Healing works because we all are interconnected energy beings. And everything is composed of energy.

As a former Hospital Analyst, I have seen The effectiveness of Reiki first hand in patient care and boosting employee morale. Reiki has been recognized by over 800 hospitals across USA that utilizes it as complimentary therapy and the environment at the hospital is improved. Think more open communication, fewer psychological issues, less anxiety and a deeper sense of connected-ness. Envision more empowered leaders. Visualize a community of change agents living with a greater sense of purpose. Now, how is that for a ripple effect?


Pamela Miles published a study in the Journal of American College of Cardiology showing that Reiki has positive effects on cardiac patients by improving emotional states (mood rate) and heart rate variability. For the cardiac patients in the study, Reiki not only improved the positive emotions but reduced negative emotions as well, which are often linked to anxiety and stress. Another study published on PubMed confirmed “Immediate effects of reiki on heart rate variability, cortisol levels, and body temperature in health care professionals with burnout” (Díaz-Rodríguez, Arroyo-Morales, Fernández-de-las-Peñas, García-Lafuente, García-Royo, Tomás-Rojas, 2011). 

If you watch TV, you may have heard Dr. Oz discuss the benefits of Reiki. Check out this helpful graphic on 7 chakras for beginners by Dr. Oz to get a little bit deeper into the health benefits of chakra balancing and Reiki.

My Healing Techniques

I am blessed to share my 3rd generation & lifelong Ancient Eastern Wisdom along my unique Angelic Life-force Healing© Modality. I work with my Collective Team name Octavia and it includes guidance from The Angelic Kingdom of Light - Higher Realms, Celestial Beings, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Eastern Divine Energy, Elemental, Angelic Reiki, Angelic Money, Akashic Records and other integrated energy healing techniques and much more.  I will introduce my powerful healing Modality soon. Get on the wait list for certification info.  I embrace continuous learning to support so currently enrolled in a advance Graduate Master Healer program.