Neelam Rai
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Transformational Group Immersion

Instant Angelic Miracle Healing

How would like to release any negative thoughts or disempowering beliefs, or low vibrational emotions that is zapping you from achieving abundance or distracting you from your soulful purpose, optimal health, joyful life, happiness, and more meaningful life? 


Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is an MultiDimensional Healing Modality that helps you beyond mental, emotional, physical and chakra healings.

When you clear and balance your chakras, positive energy of the universe (healing vibrations) will pour into your mind & body more freely.

Neelam Rai

Is a Angelic Reiki Certified Master Teacher® and Money Reiki, Pranic Healing Professional who helps clear energetic money blocks from your energy system. Is bilingual and speaks fluent Hindi and English. Now she integrates Angelic Abundance Teaching, Energy Clearing together with almost 2 decades of Business/Finance experiences.




Sharon Kay Baran

I had a wonderful experience working with Neelam. She really cares about people. My Angelic Reiki healing session was quite amazing. It was refreshing to know you don’t have to relive past trauma to heal from it. I look forward to working with Neelam again. I highly recommend her.


Millie Torres-Ruiz

I have followed Neelam for over a year now and been a member for just about a year! I continue to see growth by listening to her expertise with Angel Reiki and her help with answers to small business questions. In particular, addressing fear. Her calm nature helps to keep me grounded. Her optimism and authentic nature keeps me interested in learning more about my own potential. This September was very difficult for me, as my mother passed away. Neelam did a lot of healing not only for me, but my mother as well. Neelam’s Angels and guides, the Archangels and my own Angels and guides kept me from losing perspective. It was a transition that I will still learn from and miss my mother dearly. Gain your own clarity and healing with Neelam. She is genuine and will encourage you through many challenges.


Cathy Richards

Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of connecting with Neelam Rai. Her guidance and healing sessions have given me a clear path and brought abundance into my business in the form of new clients! Thanks Neelam.


Details About this group immersion

Will take place March 1st @ 5:30 PST inside my Angelic Business Membership Community. The minute you join, your Angelic healing automatically starts and the Universe knows you are committed.

We are doing Angelic Reiki and Angelic Money Reiki Transmission.

Frequently asked questions:

I can’t make that time?

This is audio session and replays will be available and remotely done. Even if you can’t make it but this Powerful Healing session will get to you. I understand we all live in different time zone.

Will you do this Healing sessions again?

Yes, you can join in the Angelic Business Membership here to get continuous Healing and guidance with business support

Yes- there is no contract and you can cancel the membership anytime.


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Angelic Reiki & Money Reiki
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