Manifesting Abundance with Reiki and Archangels

Manifesting Abundance with Reiki and Archangels

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Download this Interview that I had with Reiki Ray World Summit.

This Interview provides practical guidance beyond just Healing Techniques.

We need to work on our Inner World (Mindset, Healings) and the Outer Work (take Inspired Action) to succeed in our Business and Practice.

One of the fastest way to open your Manifesting and Abundance Energy is through Energetic Clearing, Healing and Activating your Money Code.

Would you like to Activate your Wealth Code?

There is no magic pill to become Wealthier or Successful overnight.

But in my 20 years experience, I have Manifested exactly what I wanted.

Aligned to my Truth, Being Practical, Spiritual and continued to do the deeper and outer work. I find the steps I sharing helps boost Manifesting coupled with the Angelic Money Activation.

This is why I created

21 Days Immersion: Financial Detox to Jumpstart to Wealthier you.

Get Angelic Money Activation plus Manifesting Bible.

Join me here for more Details:

Who is your Mentor:

Neelam Rai is an Angelic Master Healer & Spiritual Business Mentor with Reiki Master Teacher Certifications in Angelic, Tibetan, Karuna, & Money Reiki. Neelam is also certified in Angel Card Reading, Health & Life Coach (ICF), Advanced Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing, NLP, Shambala Reiki. EFT, Akashic Records, Chakra Wisdom, Meditations, etc.

Neelam has a Degree Master’s in Leadership, Business Administration (working toward Ph.D. in Metaphysics)

She helps her clients clear energetic and abundance & money blocks from their energy system. Neelam helps unlock the power of the innate gifts, and help her clients create a business and life that they are all born to embrace.



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