Angelic Business Mastery: Deposit Invoice

Angelic Business Mastery: Deposit Invoice

1,500.00 1,500.00

Welcome Stacy,

My Angelic Team and I am super excited to see all the possibilities that’s out there for you.

You are about to embark on a journey of uncovering your greatest potential and building a business and life you love!

Please read the recap and let me know if any changes…

See Promotional Sales page on the VIP Coaching is here… Entire Business Mastery Details:

However, this is deposit Invoice and a quick recap of what we discussed and as an Agreed Engagement that you give me concern for Business Coaching, Angelic Healings, Reiki Level 1 , 2 Activations to help you in customizing your Wellness Business Startup and Expansion.

  • The Total 6 months Invoice is $7500

  • You get 2 mini VIP Days (2 hours each)

  • 12 x 90 mins Coaching Calls

  • Actually you get a Bonus Month (with those two VIP Days :)

  • Deposit Due before March 16th, 2019

  • Subsequent balance will be installment payment of $1000 due on the 13th of Each month. (stretching to 7 months coaching and payment plan).


  • Get confidence to speak and share your unique message, niche and offers and online and offline

  • We will create your Signatures offers and pricing for future success

  • Business Coaching and guidance to connect to your higher purpose and attract your clients

  • Life coaching with Spiritual Healing support as needed will be integrated :)

  • Meet your guides and Angels…

  • You are getting 3-in-1 Coaching on all 3 Level (Personal, Business and Spiritual)

  • Reiki Level 1 , 2 Training Materials and Activation for self-development and build spiritual toolkit to help clients coaching

  • Normal Reiki Teachings requires 3 days for level 1 & 2 training. (19 hours). Manuals will be given and tutorials to get you started on Month one.

  • Any Healing that’s needed

  • Abundance Blocks and healing on Confidence and anything as needed during the engagement.

  • I will also channel with my Angelic Team for any extra support needed.

What to expect:

  1. This will be safe space with my Guides and Celestial support to guide and heal in almost any area you are needing support & healing.

  2. We can meet virtually by Facebook messenger or Zoom or phone. Each location is designed to become a safe & healing space crafted for your transformation.

  1. Bonus # 1 : Second Mini VIP Day during month 3 to reassess and review and implement for the business foundations.

  2. Bonus # 2: Post six month Engagement for further support….. Three Month’s Angelic Business Membership Access to my private VIP Facebook Membership Group that’s valued over $1500 worth of Training, workbooks, Meditations and it acts as a safe and supportive space for your journey.

  3. Bonus # 3: Website Designer and VA Tech referral.

  1. The sessions will start after the payment. Preferably same time around each session. I will send the calendar link after the payment.

  2. Just know Angelic healing starts the minute you show the Universe that you are commitment to this special support. Thought to share.

  3. I follow HIPPA compliance and my Spiritual Ethical rules to give the best, honest and true feed-backs.

  4. 50% discount is offered and additional bonuses given to accelerate personal, Spiritual and business growth.

  5. Thank you for trusting in my services and looking forward in working with you all. Do see the policy and disclaimer in my website. I am not a doctor and the results vary per client.

Who is your Coach?

Neelam Rai is Creator of Angelic Life-Force Healing, Certified in Health, Life and Spiritual Coaching and holds Business Masters.

Neelam is an Angelic Master Healer & Intuitive Business Coach (Angel Medium).

Office Call hours are generally between 9:30 am - 1:30 pm and 8:00 PM- 9:00 PM weekdays.

If this doesn’t work we can discuss more. ( First few month’s of our Engagement, we will start on Saturdays).

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