Angelic Chakra Balancing and Heart Activation

Angelic Chakra Balancing and Heart Activation

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Enjoy this Beautiful Guided Angelic Healings and Heart Chakra Activations.

One of the fastest way to open your Manifesting and Abundance Energy is through Clearing, Healing and Activating your Heart Center.

In my Free Workbook: I explained the Expansion of Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Angelic Master Healings Channeled by Neelam Rai

Angelic Master Healings is a multi-dimensional healing modality that works beyond the time, space and universe.

Thank for purchasing this Beautiful Healings. You are not paying for the modality but exchange of the practitioner’s time effort to help spread the Angelic Wisdom and Teachings to the World to keep this site accessible for Trainings, Sessions and more future wonderful sessions.

Bonus: This Picture is imbued with Divine Mother Mary’s blessings to help you get instant Energy boost. Mother Mary is the Leads all Angels.


You can use this guided meditation anytime and the enjoy the Workbook with Suggestion Money Mantra and Affirmations to stay in abundance flow and Energy.

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