Customized Business Intensive Session

Customized Business Intensive Session

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90 mins: Customized Business Session with Bonus 1 month Membership (valued at $500)


ANGELIC DIVINE ALIGNMENT SESSION: In-depth personal reading by phone, Zoom or Facebook Messenger with Neelam and my Angelic Team:

You will get Angel Reading, Healing, Coaching, Channeling, as guided by Spirit. Includes 30 bonus minutes in your customized personal 1:1 session. 90 mins.

  • Powerful Healings as needed done by my Angelic Team

  • These Intuitive sessions are 90 minutes long and allow you to receive guidance that you need in your business or life. We can cover any topic you like (Health, Soul Mate, Career, Abundance Blockage are popular subjects) and help to get you the clarity you need to move through a situation or to continue on your path. I channel the Archangels and their guide will help energy shift and healing around the areas you are seeking.

  • Bonus: Get your name on my Angel Altar for blessing for a week.

  • Bonus: $500 value for 1 month for my Angelic Business Expansion Membership.

Who is Neelam:

Neelam is an Angelic Master Healer & Intuitive Business Coach (Angel Medium). Her Spiritual Teaching started with Usui Reiki in early 2000’s and later to Angelic Reiki. Neelam is the Founder of and the creator of Angelic Life-Force Healing©.

She provides Business & Angelic teachings through workshops and online programs, and certifications. Neelam helps Men and Women around the world to uncover the things that are holding them back. She helps them unlock the power of their gifts, and to create a business and life that they are born to embrace.


A business that’s built on passion, purpose, and integrity. To empower you with Practical tools to stay in the flow regardless of the life & business trials.  So, you can continue to share your skills and abilities with the world.

Neelam draws her expertise from ~18 years of Corporate Healthcare & Business Background plus been a lifelong student of Personal & Spiritual Development/Transformation. She is also Certified Angel Reader, Advanced Pranic Healer, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Certified in Life and Wellness Coach, EFT, Akashic Records, Shamanic, Shambala Healings, etc.

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